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Star Citizen. Казуалы must die!

Вероятно самая важная игровая новость осени. Крис Робертс вернулся с новым сюжетным космическим симулятором Star Citizen.
Парень, создавший лучшую игру моего детства (Wing Commander, разумеется) пишет так.

The traditional publishers don't believe in PC or Space Sims. Venture Capitalists only want to back mobile or social gaming startups.
I say they're wrong. I say that there is a large audience of PC gamers that want sophisticated games built for their platform. And inside this audience, a significant group of people that have always loved space games, and if given a quality one again will be happy to play it.

И далее, про PC

The "experts" think the PC is a dead platform. All the big publishers treat the PC as an afterthought. Corporate investors trip over themselves to invest in anything but PC gaming. We think they're wrong. The PC is the platform that allows the most innovation. It's the platform that allows the players the most choice in how they play their games. It's the platform that allows the developer to have a relationship with the people playing their game with no artificial restrictions or walls.

Вообщем, Робертс прав, к черту венчурных капиталистов и казуалов. Даешь спэйс хардкор!
На популярный ныне Kickstarter Робертс не идет, поскольку для полного завершения работ над игрой, разработчикам нужно 8,000,000$. 

Поглядеть на игру и подписаться можно здесь.


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